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Herbal & Diet Consultation

Food and Diet

One of the most important factors about food and diet is that by adopting good and healthy eating habits, we all have the capability of healing ourselves.

Some Chinese philosophers believe that "you are what you eat".

A healthy diet is a balanced one. We should be aware of this and it is important to have a good undrestanding of vitamins and minerals and their functions.

A good understanding of vitamins and minerals does not only mean that we should know in what foods these can be found, we should also have a knowledge of how the body relates to certain vitamins and minerals. For example, we must be aware that Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble and are stored in the body until required, therefore care must be taken not to take them in excess if supplementing them.

The B and C vitamins are water-soluble. They are not stored in the tbody and any excess intake is flushed out in urine relatively quickly. Because of this, they should be replaced on a daily basis in our food supply. Water-soluble vitamins are also soluble in the cooking water, and are lost when the water in which we cook vegetables is thrown out. In most cases it is better to steam our vegetables so that many of the vitamins they contain are therefore not lost.

We should therefore be aware of the following:

a) Not only in what foods can they be found,
b) What are their functions,
c) What are the deficiency symptoms, and
d) In what way are they destroyed.

Vitamins and Minerals

Yin, Yang and Diet

Yin Foods Yang Foods Balanced Foods
Fruit Juices
Tropical vegetables and fruits
Refined foods
Most food additives of a chemical nature
Cereal grains
Temperate fruits such as apples and pears

Herbal Remedies

The herbs and herbal remedies included here are based on extensive study, and incorporate the gathering, drying, methods of preparation, herbal teas, fresh juices, plant pulp and herb poultices.

Herbs, preparation and usage | Herbal bath remedies

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