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Office Automation Tools

  • Have you ever wanted to automate a business process and looked to find an off-the-shelf solution that cost thousands and only did part of what you wanted?
  • Have you ever purchased an off-the-shelf solution that contained functionality you would never use?
  • Have you seen an off-the-shelf solution that you would like to use but that doesn't quite fit your situation?
  • Do you need an easy-to-use but highly customised solution that utilises common MS Office components?
  • Do you want an affordable system to automate a unique business process?
  • Do you want an easy-to-use MS Word template that makes document creation with a consistent look and feel quicker and easier?
  • Do you want some training and assistance to build an in-house solution using common MS Office tools?
  • Do you want some assistance designing and developing a unique online or printed document look-and-feel that can be used across multiple documents?

If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!

I use MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook and Access) to create custom tools to automate business processes. I can build the tool myself, help you build it, or train you to build it on your own.

Some examples of tools I have built include:

  • Time-tracking and invoicing database for a consulting company (Access)
  • Case-tracking and pathology research database for a zoo (Access and Word)
  • Tool to automate tacking, set-up, layout and invoicing for a national telephone book (Access and Word)
  • Tool to capture and report international political survey information (Access)
  • Tool to generate quizzes and track results (Excel)
  • MS Word templates used for over 200 learning documents (Word)
  • Online feedback forms (Word)
  • Project tracking for consulting company (Access)

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For MS Access driven web tools, I can recommend Kate Braun at or