Lucas Mlambo
The Swazi naïve painter, Lucas Mlambo, was born on 28 December 1959 at Sidvwashini, Mbabane, the only boy amongst eight children. His father died when Lucas was still very young. He completed Form III at Lozita Secondary School then started work to help his mother raise the family. In 1984, the location where he lived was demolished, which was a very painful experience for him. Friends and relatives were forced to move in order to make way for roads. He decided to draw the location as it was, so that he could remember it in the future. He enjoyed doing the drawings so much that he wanted to do more. He kept his job at Beral and painted during weekends, selling his paintings to his appreciative fellow workers for E7 per painting. In 1985, he met Dori at Indingilizi Gallery, who encouraged him to do more painings and to work towards an exhibition. In 1986, he exhibited his work for the first time, in a combined exhibition at Indingilizi Gallery with Lisa Forslund from Sweden. He sold 14 paintings out of 26 and realised that people liked his work. “Many people like my paintings. I like to use bright colours. In my work, you can see how people in Swaziland live and what they do. I like Mbabane very much because when I see the mountains I see something to paint. When I see the streets, people and buildings, I see something to paint. Even in the location where I stay, I find many stories to paint to show how the people live and what they do.”
c/o Indingilizi Art Gallery, Tel 404 6213

1.   After the Storm

2.   Washing Day - Manzini

3.   Nhlangano Town Mshengu St

4.   Nhlangano - Old Bus Rank

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